At Lacy we believe that the family choosing cremation should have as many merchandise choices as the family choosing traditional burial. We have one of the area’s largest selections of cremation urns, containers and caskets, and keepsake items.

Our cremation urns are made from a variety of materials, many of which can be personalized. Unlike selections often found elsewhere, we constantly make sure that we have a large selection of modestly priced quality urns.

No two families are alike. While some families want the minimum allowed container for the body to be cremated in, others prefer something more substantial. Recognizing this difference, we offer your family several choices at several different price points.

Keepsake items are becoming more and more popular. They allow the family to keep some of the cremains separate from the final place of disposition. They also allow several family members to have a keepsake memorial. We have a wide variety of these items available to the families who call us.

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