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Obituary message

Tyson B. Aponte

My name is Tyson Beckett Aponte. My birthday is September 22, 2015. I have three big brothers, Aaron, Mason and Cooper. They are my best friends. My mommy and daddy were so surprised when they found out that they were having me because my big brother Cooper was only five months old. But, my mommy always said that I am her “bonus boy” and completed our family. Others thought mommy and daddy should try for a girl, but they always say I am more than they could ever ask for. Mommy says it’s perfect now….she has her “first batch “and her “second batch” of boys.

My favorite things to do with mommy are reading, painting, coloring, watering flowers, going for walks and cuddling in bed. My daddy and my older brothers have to go to work and school, but Mommy spends every day with me and Cooper. She loves that she gets to spend so much time with us. She always says that I am growing up too fast and she doesn’t want to miss a moment.

My daddy always calls me and each of my brothers, his best friends. My daddy does everything with me; he only leaves me to go to work. I love when he gets home from work because he plays with me right after dinner. I really like to ride the lawn mower with daddy, work with his tools, read books and cuddle on the couch watching TV. He always lets me watch whatever I want with Cooper on one side and me on the other. Mommy always says I have daddy so wrapped.

Aaron is my oldest brother. He thinks I am the prettiest baby boy he has ever seen. He spends all his time with me and my brothers and I love that about him. We love to read books together and go for walks in the woods, play in the pool, play on the swing set and play football. Aaron always says he is going to teach me everything he knows about football. He loves to tickle me a lot just to hear me laugh. I think it is funny to make him fight for my hugs and kisses. I really like it….I am just ornery.

Mason thinks I am the prettiest boy probably because I look just like him. Mason thinks I should never get in trouble and hates it when I do. In Mason’s eyes, everything that makes me happy is okay. Mommy always says that Mason is so patient and sweet to me… I think so too. I always ask Mason to do the things that mommy and daddy say “no” to, and he usually does it. I love to play basketball with him, play toys, cuddle, play in the pool and eat lots of fruit snacks.

Cooper teaches me everything….the good stuff and the not so good. When I look at him, it is with pure love and admiration. When I don’t see him, I always ask, “Where my brother?”, “Where Cooper at?” We do everything together. . .play outside, play inside, eat, bathe, cuddle…everything. I am lucky to have a cool brother like him.

People always talk about how happy I am. They talk a lot about my pretty smile and flirty eyes. I am golden skinned and gorgeous; pure perfection my family always says. I love going to church, the YMCA and the store because I love people. My grandmas always say I can charm anyone.

I am so very happy, even more now. Don’t cry…I don’t like it. Let my Jesus become your Jesus and He will give you peace. Love Jesus like I do….and come see me soon!

It would make me really happy if you could give a donation in my honor to my church, Central Virginia Assembly of God P.O. Box 207, Gum Spring, Va. 23065 so we can build a new, super cool playground for all my church friends and my brother to play on.